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xportr 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2024-03-28

New Features

  • All core functions can be run together by using new function xportr() (#137)
  • xportr_metadata() can set verbose for a whole pipeline, i.e. setting verbose in xportr_metadata() will populate to all xportr functions. (#151)
  • xportr_split() is a new function that allows users to split a dataset into multiple output files based on a variable. (#183)
  • xportr_write() now accepts metadata argument which can be used to set the dataset label to stay consistent with the other xportr_* functions. It is noteworthy that the dataset label set using the xportr_df_label() function will be retained during the xportr_write(). (#179)
  • Added a check for character variable lengths up to 200 bytes in xpt_validate()(#91, #189).
  • File name check is moved to strict_checks condition to allow underscores in the file name. Underscores are allowed in xpt but not per FDA requirements. (#126)
  • It is now possible to get and set the xportr options using the helper function xportr_options() (#130)
  • Added xportr.character_metadata_types and xportr.numeric_metadata_types to list the metadata types that are character or numeric. Updated xportr.character_types and xportr.numeric_types to list only the R types that are character and the R types that are numeric. This ensures that all R types, including dates, are now managed by xportr_type. If the R type differs from the metadata type, the variable is coerced (#161).
  • New argument in xportr_length() allows selection between the length from metadata, as previously done, or from the calculated maximum length per variable when length_source is set to “data” (#91)
  • Series of basic checks added to the xportr_format() function to ensure format lengths, prefixes are accurate for the variable type. Also to ensure that any numeric date/datetime/time variables have a format. (#164)
  • xportr_length() assigns the maximum length value instead of 200 for a character variable when the length is missing in the metadata (#207)

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for domain filtering (#137)
  • Make xportr_type() drop factor levels when coercing variables (#159)

Deprecation and Breaking Changes

  • The domain argument for xportr functions will no longer be dynamically determined by the name of the data frame passed as the .df argument. This was done to make the use of xportr functions more explicit. (#182)
  • The metacore argument, which was renamed to metadata in the following six xportr functions: (xportr_df_label(), xportr_format(), xportr_label(), xportr_length(), xportr_order(), and xportr_type()) in version 0.3.0 with a soft deprecation warning, has now been hard deprecated. Please update your code to use the new metadata argument in place of metacore. (#203)
  • SASlength and SAStype were removed since they did not have an impact on xpt_validate or any other functions (#132)
  • adsl data object is now called adsl_xportr (#237)


  • Created development version of the website (#187)
  • Additional guidance for options added in deep dive vignette (#81)
  • Added a vignette about standards in different agencies (#206)
  • Removed non-user facing function documentation (#192)
  • Added more details about xportr_length() and xportr() to deep dive vignette (#215, #222)


  • Tests use withr to create temporary files that are automatically deleted (#219)
  • Remove unused packages from Suggests (#221, #237)
  • Exporting a new dataset dataset_spec that contains the Dataset Specification for ADSL. (#179)
  • Adds argument assertions to public functions using checkmate (#175)
  • Data objects are no longer lazy loaded, which means that when needed the user must call data("name_of_object") first (#237)

xportr 0.3.2

CRAN release: 2024-02-19

xportr 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2023-09-14

  • Fixed issues around code coverage (#170) and lintr (#176)

xportr 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-06-21

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where xportr_type() would overwrite column labels, widths, and “sas.formats”
  • Fixed messaging of xportr_order()to give better visibility of the number of variables being reordered.
  • Add new argument to xportr_write() to allow users to specify how xpt validation checks are handled.
  • Fixed bug where character_types were case sensitive. They are now case insensitive (#77).
  • Updated xportr_type() to make type coercion more explicit.
  • xpt_validate updated to accept iso8601 date formats. (#76)
  • Added function xportr_metadata() to explicitly set metadata at the start of a pipeline (#44)
  • Metadata order columns are now coerced to numeric by default in xportr_order() to prevent character sorting (#149)
  • Message is shown on xportr_* functions when the metadata being used has multiple variables with the same name in the same domain (#128)
  • Fixed an issue with xport_type() where DT, DTM variables with a format specified in the metadata (e.g. date9., datetime20.) were being converted to numeric, which will cause a 10 year difference when reading it back by read_xpt(). SAS’s uniform start date is 1960 whereas Linux’s uniform start date is 1970 (#142).
  • Fixed an issue with R’s pipe |> that was causing functions to abort (#97)
  • Removed < and > as illegal characters in variable and dataset labels (#98)


  • Moved pkgdown site to bootswatch. Enabled search and linked slack icon (#122).
  • Additional Deep Dive vignette showcasing functions and quality of life utilities for processing xpts created (#84)
  • Get Started vignette spruced up. Messages are now displayed and link to Deep Dive vignette (#150)
  • Increase test coverage to 100% (#82)

Deprecation and Breaking Changes

xportr 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-02-23

  • Added a new validation test that errors when users pass invalid formats (#60 #64). Thanks to @zdz2101!
  • Fixed an issue where xportr_format could pass invalid formats to haven::write_xpt.

xportr 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-06-21

Beta release for xportr

  • Added exported functions xportr_varnames and xportr_tidy_rename into dev folder found on GitHub Repostiory. Intention to move into packages after CRAN release.
  • Fixed xportr_format() bug
  • Using admiral ADSL dataset in examples


Initial alpha release of xportr

  • Development of 5 core functions
  • Package down site and documentation created