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Assigns dataset label from a dataset level metadata to a given data frame. This is stored in the 'label' attribute of the dataframe.


xportr_df_label(.df, metadata = NULL, domain = NULL, metacore = deprecated())



A data frame of CDISC standard.


A data frame containing dataset. See 'Metadata' section for details.


Appropriate CDISC dataset name, e.g. ADAE, DM. Used to subset the metadata object.


[Deprecated] Previously used to pass metadata now renamed with metadata


Data frame with label attributes.


The argument passed in the 'metadata' argument can either be a metacore object, or a data.frame containing the data listed below. If metacore is used, no changes to options are required.

For data.frame 'metadata' arguments two columns must be present:

  1. Domain Name - passed as the 'xportr.df_domain_name' option. Default: "dataset". This is the column subset by the 'domain' argument in the function.

  2. Label Name - passed as the 'xportr.df_label' option. Default: "label". Character values to update the 'label' attribute of the dataframe This is passed to haven::write_xpt to note the label.


adsl <- data.frame(
  USUBJID = c(1001, 1002, 1003),
  SITEID = c(001, 002, 003),
  AGE = c(63, 35, 27),
  SEX = c("M", "F", "M")

metadata <- data.frame(
  dataset = c("adsl", "adae"),
  label = c("Subject-Level Analysis", "Adverse Events Analysis")

adsl <- xportr_df_label(adsl, metadata, domain = "adsl")