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Assigns SAS length from a metadata object to a given data frame. If a length isn't present for a variable the length value is set to 200 for character columns, and 8 for non-character columns. This value is stored in the 'width' attribute of the column.


  metadata = NULL,
  domain = NULL,
  verbose = getOption("xportr.length_verbose", "none"),
  metacore = deprecated()



A data frame of CDISC standard.


A data frame containing variable level metadata. See 'Metadata' section for details.


Appropriate CDSIC dataset name, e.g. ADAE, DM. Used to subset the metadata object. If none is passed, then name of the dataset passed as .df will be used.


The action this function takes when an action is taken on the dataset or function validation finds an issue. See 'Messaging' section for details. Options are 'stop', 'warn', 'message', and 'none'


[Deprecated] Previously used to pass metadata now renamed with metadata


Data frame with SASlength attributes for each variable.


length_log is the primary messaging tool for xportr_length. If there are any columns present in the '.df' that are not noted in the metadata, they cannot be assigned a length and a message will be generated noting the number or variables that have not been assigned a length.

If variables were not found in the metadata and the value passed to the 'verbose' argument is 'stop', 'warn', or 'message', a message will be generated detailing the variables that were missing in the metadata.


The argument passed in the 'metadata' argument can either be a {metacore} object, or a data.frame containing the data listed below. If metacore is used, no changes to options are required.

For data.frame 'metadata' arguments three columns must be present:

  1. Domain Name - passed as the 'xportr.domain_name' option. Default: "dataset". This is the column subset by the 'domain' argument in the function.

  2. Variable Name - passed as the 'xportr.variable_name' option. Default: "variable". This is used to match columns in '.df' argument and the metadata.

  3. Variable Label - passed as the 'xportr.length' option. Default: "length". These numeric values to update the 'width' attribute of the column. This is passed to haven::write to note the variable length.


adsl <- data.frame(
  USUBJID = c(1001, 1002, 1003),
  BRTHDT = c(1, 1, 2)

metadata <- data.frame(
  dataset = c("adsl", "adsl"),
  variable = c("USUBJID", "BRTHDT"),
  length = c(10, 8)

adsl <- xportr_length(adsl, metadata)