By default, denominators in count layers are subset based on the layer level where logic. In some cases this might not be correct. This functions allows the user to override this behavior and pass custom logic that will be used to subset the target dataset when calculating denominators for the layer.

set_denom_where(e, denom_where)



A count_layer/shift_layer object


An expression (i.e. syntax) to be used to subset the target dataset for calculating layer denominators. Supply as programming logic (i.e. x < 5 & y == 10). To remove the layer where parameter subsetting for the total row and thus the percentage denominators, pass 'TRUE' to this function.


The modified Tplyr layer object


library(magrittr) t10 <- tplyr_table(mtcars, gear) %>% add_layer( group_count(cyl, where = cyl != 6) %>% set_denom_where(TRUE) # The denominators will be based on all of the values, including 6 ) %>% build()