These property functions modify or return the font sizes of an rtf_doc object or individual titles/footnotes objects of the hf_line class.

When used on an rtf_doc object to retrieve font sizes, the document level default font size within the rtf_doc is returned. When used on an rtf_doc to set fonts, the default font size for the RTF document is set.

When used on titles/footnotes (hf_line objects), the font size is either returned of set for that individual line.

font_size(x, ...)

font_size(x) <- value

set_font_size(x, value)



rtf_doc object or a hf_line object.


Additonal arguments passed to method dispatch.


A numeric value for font size in points.


For font_size(), the font_size attribute of the supplied rtf_doc or hf_line. For `font_size<-`() and set_font_size, the modified object.


library(huxtable) ht <- huxtable( column1 = 1:5, column2 = letters[1:5] ) rtf <- rtf_doc(ht, list(hf_line("aTitle", font_size = 15))) pharmaRTF::font_size(rtf)
#> [1] 12
# Returns 12 pharmaRTF::font_size(rtf) <- 14 pharmaRTF::font_size(rtf$titles[[1]])
#> [1] 15
# Returns 15 pharmaRTF::font_size(rtf)
#> [1] 14
# Returns 14